Refurb Battery Wins Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award 2023

During the final on May 16, 2023, at YES!Delft, the jury selected a winner per category from a total of 15 finalists. In addition, the winner of the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Members' Award 2023 was announced. Refurb Battery was voted the winner of the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award by the Rabobank members. We could not have been more proud!

The Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award celebrates exceptional initiatives in sustainable entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of environmentally friendly and economically viable solutions. Taking home the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award recognizes our contribution to sustainable entrepreneurship. Taking the next step in battery refurbishment, we strive daily to make significant progress in reducing electronic waste, conserving resources, and promoting economic growth. This award serves as a testament to that.

Revolutionizing Sustainability

Our process involves checking used batteries and reusing them in other ways, such as our smart energy storage solutions. Refurbishing batteries has a profound positive impact on the environment. By extending the original lifecycle of batteries, we significantly reduces the demand for new battery production, thus minimizing the extraction of raw materials and the associated carbon emissions. This conserves natural resources and by extension helps combat climate change. Beyond its environmental benefits, Refurb Battery's solution also offers substantial economic advantages. Refurbished batteries are a cost-effective alternative to new batteries, providing significant cost savings for consumers and businesses.

As we are continuing our journey towards a more sustainable future, we're looking to partner up with the best and brightest. Want to be part of the revolution? Join us.

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