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At two locations of BAM in Den Bosch and Waalwijk, energy storage containers from Refurb Battery have been installed, one of which is used to charge electric equipment for construction sites. By using the energy storage container as an energy buffer, the equipment can be recharged quickly on-site. This means fewer charging trips for the machines and reduces demand on the electricity grid. It also allows BAM to carry out the work with lower emissions, which is important as the construction site is close to natural and residential areas.

BAM on our collaboration: "We are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand the charging infrastructure for electric equipment on the construction site. Our latest addition is a circular battery, made from recycled cells from collected bicycle batteries, which we use as a buffer. A light power connection (3 x 63A) is sufficient for charging the buffer. We are deploying the first new batteries at our construction site in Waalwijk and at our experimental charging site at our BAM location in Den Bosch."

Improved flow and safety

In Waalwijk, BAM is working for the municipality on the reconstruction of the Akkerlaan, Drunenseweg, and Eikendonklaan. With the reconstruction, Waalwijk aims to improve traffic flow and safety. They are partially carrying out the work emission-free with consideration for the nearby Natura 2000 area National Park Loonse en Drunense Duinen. Additionally, they aim to minimize disturbance for the surroundings, including healthcare facilities, schools, and sports fields.As part of the reconstruction, they are redesigning the Akkerlaan - Drunenseweg intersection and installing traffic lights. Furthermore, they are replacing parts of the sewage system, asphalting the bike paths, and replacing the pavement, partly with asphalt and partly with new cobblestones. During the work, mainly small electric equipment such as excavators, articulated loaders, and vibratory plates are used. However, they also deploy large equipment, such as our electric asphalt set, for several days.

Charging outside peak hours

Bram de Mooij, Production Director at BAM Infra Nederland: 'The new buffer is a great circular way to expand our charging capabilities on the construction site. This allows us to quickly charge with more power than the construction connection provides. This way, the buffer helps prevent overloading of the electricity grid. At the end of the day, when people come home from work, plug in their cars, demand on the grid increases. Around the same time construction companies plug in their electrical equipment. By using batteries for buffering we reduce peak demand on the grid. This way, as a construction company, we contribute to a stable network and the success of the energy transition.'

Buffer for expanding charging capabilities

The circular battery emerged from a collaboration with Refurb Battery. We specialize in creating mobile and scalable solutions for providing circular energy. Together, we worked on a battery suitable for charging the equipment. The battery incorporates more than 46,000 recycled battery cells, sourced from about 2000 collected bicycle batteries, giving them a new lease on life. This prevents an additional 50,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions per container when compared to a storage system using newly produced battery cells."

René Cohlst, Refurb Battery: 'We are proud of the new charging solution we have realized together. It helps BAM tackle the challenges of charging electric equipment on the construction site. Together, we ensure that a large number of batteries are reused in a high-quality manner.'

Pilot charging infrastructure in Den Bosch

Another energy storage system was installed at the BAM office in Den Bosch. It is placed there in a pilot charging infrastructure setting where BAM tests all effects of electric charging in relation to congestion management. "In the pilot, we experiment with various hardware and software products. We also offer clients the opportunity to test certain assets in the pilot before they are applied in the field. This way, the client's operation is not hindered." The location has a small grid connection (140A). Two office buildings, three warehouses, 29 AC charging points for company vans and lease cars, and a fast charger for an electric truck are all connected to it. The new circular battery enables BAM to meet the increasing charging demand (AC and DC) despite the (too) small grid connection at the location.

We are proud of this collaboration with BAM, the first of its kind to use circular battery storage systems by using recycled battery cells. Together, we are taking sustainable steps towards the emission-free construction site of the future.

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