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The best and brightest.

In 2021 we create bold and simple plan: to enable the future of energy by developing circular battery storage systems and eliminate the ever-growing mountain of li-ion waste.
And so it begins.


To succeed in this mission, Refurb Battery management team relies on a combination of innovative talent and high-level industry experience. The team also benefits from the invaluable support and guidance of its experienced shareholders.


CSO & Founder
Marty Smits

Rudolf Meulenberg

Marty and Rudolf work closely together with a team of hands on experienced investors, expert partners and the growing Refurb team.


Manufacturing Engineer
Joost Westerveld

Data Management Support
Daniël Kroeders

Data Engineer
Rano Veder

Supply Chain Planner
Wilco Haverkamp

Shift Lead Production
Bartek Rojewski

Talent & Culture Manager
Daan de Win

Our locations



BCT Treeport
Treeport 3
4891 PZ Rijsbergen


Van Peperzeel
James Wattlaan 6
8218 MB Lelystad
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