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We help manufacturers to get ahead in the sustainability game
All companies that put battery-powered products on the market are responsible for the end of life of their product. What happens when the battery of the eBike, eScooter, small appliance or powertool does no longer work or is replaced?

Reusing before recycling
In most cases producers organize the collection and recycling of these batteries. With some harvesting of raw materials as a result. But driven by their own sustainability and footprint ambitions and by ever increasing legal requirements companies are looking for Reuse solutions.

Refurb Battery brings reuse solutions
Refurb Battery was founded to drive the reuse of battery cells. Set up with the safety and reporting requirements of original product manufacturers in mind. Bringing low hassle, insightful information exchanges and flexible logistical and collaboration processes. All focused on maximizing the reuse of battery cells and thus minimizing the volume of used batteries that unnecessarily end up in incinerators.

Let's make impact 

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As we expand our operations we aim to broaden the product categories we support in driving up their circularity. We do this by partnering with individual companies and with producer organisations.

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