Circular, low carbon battery solution

For green energy where and when you need it

As we combat climate change and move away from fossil fuels all businesses are pursuing electrification. Electrifying production processes, mobility solutions and entire sites and work places. Refurb Battery supports this electrification with circular battery solutions. Our high quality, circular-battery based storage containers are designed for full circularity. Made in The Netherlands and with industry leading lead times, our solutions come in scalable sizes, from 300kWh to over 1 MWh in capacity.

Highquality battery solution

A mobile and scalable energy storage solution designed for use in a wide variety of applications. Peak shaving, island function, generator combination, local charging, demand balancing to name a few. Suitable for temporary solution of local power supply challenges but also for structural power supply optimization. Plug and play solution. Modular design. With an AC interface hub connecting up to six energy storage systems to expand capacity when needed. 

Circular benefits, low footprint

Refurb Battery’s approach for harvesting, testing and reusing batteries provides a circular basis. Through advanced data gathering and monitoring batteries are optimized to last longer.  Built with high sustainability and safety requirements in mind. Each module consists of 320 precision-soldered cells embedded in a module that is designed so all of its components can be reused again and again. 

Electrification with Refurb Battery brings you high quality battery solutions while you contribute to the circular economy and the reduction of carbon emissions and raw material waste.

Remote construction sites

Heavy machinery powered by green energy helps meet sustainability goals

Outdoor events & festivals

Organize and manage events by using green energy even at night

Manage peaks grid demand

Helps with peak shaving on high energy demand

E-mobility & vehicles

The greenest and most flexible choice in vehicle charging

The battery

RB container
A mobile and scalable energy storage system delivering circular power across a wide variety of applications. Designed to provide local demand with temporary power or as a long-term plug and play solution. Modular design consists of an AC interface hub connecting up to six energy storage systems.
Uses circular battery cells
Charged with up to 100% green energy
Total power output 300 - 1000 kWh / 150 – 300 kVA
Plug & play
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