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Help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions with circular energy solutions.
Refurb Battery is growing rapidly. As we scale up we are building and professionalizing all core and supporting business activities. In Operations we provide attractive opportunities for line operators, team and floor managers and quality and process engineers. Our Energy Storage Solutions are put in the market in Q1 2023. Growth needs to driven by inhouse marketing. In the near future we will build up customer account and sales teams as well as inhouse servicemanagement.

If you believe in working towards a more circular future, and like a challenge, Refurb is the place for you.

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"At Refurb Battery our mission is to make a huge impact on sustainability while minimizing impact on our global environment. We're aiming to be the changemaker in green energy storage solutions. Our mission has already been rewarded by two sustainability wins: the Rabo Duurzame Innovatie Member's Award and the Brabantse Circular Innovation Award. Now is the time for change, so join our team. Our energy matches when you're a born innovator, ready to pioneer at a mission-driven company."

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