Accell Group Partners Up With Refurb Battery To Reduce CO2 Emissions

Marty Smits
Refurb Battery is proud to announce a collaboration between Accell Group, the European leader in bicycles and ourselves. We join forces to take a significant step in reducing CO2 emissions by giving a second life to discarded e-bike batteries. Our partnership follows a successful pilot where 5,000 used electric bike batteries were repurposed, resulting in a reduction of over 100 tons of CO2 emissions in the past months.

Commitment to Sustainability

Jonas Nilsson, Chief Operating Officer at Accell Group, emphasized Accell's commitment to sustainability: "As a leading European manufacturer of e-bikes, Accell contributes to society by providing sustainable mobility solutions. By enabling a second life for batteries, our products become even more sustainable, reducing the carbon footprint of our e-bikes."

Exchange of Data and Insights

In addition to battery reuse, Accell Group and Refurb Battery will continue to work together on exchanging data and insights to further enhance the lifespan, collection, and reuse of bike batteries. This collaboration aims to increase the circularity of the entire bike battery in the future.

Milestone in Circular Economy

Marty Smits, founder of Refurb Battery, highlights Accell Group's involvement since 2020: "Together, we have taken the step to safely reuse as many cells as possible in Europe." The partnership between Accell Group and Refurb Battery focuses on reducing the growing amount of li-ion waste. Refurb Battery has assessed over 5,000 used e-bike batteries in the recent period, resulting in the potential reuse of over 100,000 battery cells. This not only reduces li-ion waste and saves scarce resources but also significantly lowers CO2 emissions that would otherwise come from the production of new battery cells.

This joint effort by Accell Group and Refurb Battery represents a milestone in the circular economy, offering a promising outlook for a more sustainable future in the (e-)mobility industry.

Source: Duurzaam Ondernemen (article in Dutch)

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