Refurb Battery takes first place in 'circular innovation 2023' competition

Refurb Battery and Knaapen Group are the winners of the third edition of the 'Brabant Circular Innovation Top 20'. Refurb Battery was awarded first place for ‘Brabant Circular Innovation of 2023’ with their innovative battery storage solution. Knaapen Group won the audience award with their innovation Dak Roef.

Submissions were judged on the degree of circularity, the level of collaboration in the chain, scalability, and their innovative character. Anne-Marie Spierings, jury chairwoman and Brabant deputy for Energy, Circular Economy, and Environment, explained the jury's choice. “Refurb Battery reuses old battery cells that would otherwise end up as waste. In doing so, the company makes an important contribution to the circular economy. The battery packs that Refurb produces also contribute to the energy transition through charging solutions for electric cars and balancing the electricity grid."

Not second best, but second better

Refurb Battery gives bicycle batteries a second circular life. Every year, hundreds of tons of bicycle batteries are burned in recycling plants, while the battery cells are often still usable. Refurb Battery has set up a technical process and business model to assess these used batteries and, where possible, safely remove the battery cells and prepare them for reuse. With the energy storage solutions produced, Refurb Battery helps the energy transition and electrification through solutions for construction sites, charging points, and grid support. The production of a new cell is prevented for each battery cell.

The finale of the Brabant Circular Innovation Top 20 took place at Capi Europe in Tilburg during the National Circular Economy Week. The six best submissions were given the opportunity to pitch their innovations, after which the jury could ask questions. Based on this, the final winner was chosen. The audience also had the chance to vote and determine the audience award.

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