Go team! Refurb Battery has officially started production with 8 new team members

Go team! The start of the new year also meant the start of our brand new team at the production facility in Rijsbergen. 8 new team members started with the dissasembly of the first battery packs to be saved from the shredder. 

Refurb Battery continues to grow. As we scale up we are building and professionalizing all core and supporting business activities. In Operations we provide attractive opportunities for line operators, team and floor managers and quality and process engineers. Our Energy Storage Solutions are put in the market in 2023. Growth needs to driven by inhouse marketing. In the near future we will build up customer account and sales teams as well as inhouse servicemanagement.

If you believe in working towards a more circular future, and like a challenge, Refurb is the place for you. Join us.

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