Quality Engineer

Do you enjoy managing the quality of our products and (production) processes in a structured, safe, and efficient manner? Are you a true pioneer and do you want to make the world a lot more beautiful together with us? Then feel free to read on!

32-40 hours per week

"As a Quality Engineer at Refurb Battery, you play a crucial role in monitoring and improving the quality of our products, techniques, and processes. You ensure connection and cooperation (with and between different colleagues/ functions), and continuous improvements and developments in the fields of quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA). At Refurb Battery, you have a pioneering role with many (different) challenges and the opportunity to (re)define or even (re)craft your own job where you see fit. Join our mission to give discarded batteries new life and accelerate the world's transition to clean energy!"
BCT Treeport
Treeport 3
4891 PZ Rijsbergen

Watt's in it for me?

  • A work environment that literally gives you energy, with driven colleagues with whom you can really make a difference
  • Autonomy to organize and execute your work as you see fit, with professional support where needed
  • A pioneering role that can be redefined or recrafted within Quality Assurance and Quality Control in order to guarantee our process and product quality
  • A laptop, smartphone, and all other tools you need in order to perform your job
  • Various (ongoing) training and career (development) opportunities
  • A total of 38 vacation days per year on a full-time basis
  • PMT pension scheme, as we are affiliated with the Collective Labor Agreement (cao) 'Metaal en Techniek’
  • Making a tangible positive impact on the world by enabling a circular economy and accelerating the energy transition

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